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Sophie Sugarman

Hair stylist / London

Sophie Sugarman is a London-based hairstylist who started her career with a passion for beauty, style, and photography as a teenager. Since then, she has established herself as an expert in the art of hair, crafting effortlessly chic and stunning looks.

Sophie's portfolio includes an impressive list of fashion brands, celebrities, red-carpet events, campaigns, and TV shows. Her work is remarkable, showcasing her talent, dedication, and willingness to push the boundaries of creativity in the hair industry.

If she is not styling hair she is thinking about it, or looking at new ways to keep her work fresh and inspiring. Pursuing a career in a industry that combines creativity and newness is an exciting world to be part off.


Amy Jackson, Caro Daur, Chriselle Lim, Delilah Belle, Ed Westwick, Jessie Ware, Josephine Skriver, Leonie Hanne, Mary Charteris, Molly Gallagher and Nicole Coughlan

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